About me

Who is behind the tree?

About me

My name is Krisztian Tarcsi and I’m a self-taught web developer, marketer and budding entrepreneur.  I grew up in Budapest, Hungary and have been living in Southampton since 2011.  Over the past few years, I have learnt a lot about coding and programming mainly through online learning resources and also achieved an Online Marketing Diploma.

Nowadays, I’m balancing studying for an undergraduate degree at Southampton Solent University whilst I help small businesses make an impact online and solve interesting problems with programming. I really like reading self-development books and listen to tech podcasts. In my spare time, I also enjoy running, which has taught me how to push myself beyond my limits.

My skills




Mobile app development





My approach

 My sustainable web development process follows procedures for website development and maintenance so they can serve their purpose today and in the future while reducing environmental impact and maximising value for website visitors and clients. I use UK based green web hosting service powered by renewable energy, and apply energy efficiency in my home office to reduce energy consumption. I also buy and plant a pine tree in Caledonian Forest with every new client I engage. In the design process, I use quick and flexible prototyping tool to adjust to the requirements of the project, while focusing on efficiency throughout the web development process, from design to code. My design and layout work always follows standards of user experience techniques which make it easy for users to understand the website with a minimum of interruption. I optimise the site for search engines, which reduces time and energy needed for indexing your pages, as well as shortening the path between your target audience and your site. I also apply techniques in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and back-end programming that reduce energy consumption by our servers and by the user’s computer. This includes shrinking images and other assets as well as reducing the number of HTTP requests to reduce page bloat.

Technical knowledge

Google Analytics
Social Media

Interesting facts about me

I was born in 1989 and I’m 6’5”.
I’ve played football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball, ping pong, water polo, swam, cycled, run, rowed and learnt karate but I hate winter sports.
I can’t work or read while there are background noises.
My younger brother stabbed me with a pencil when we were kids. The graphite still clearly visible in my shin.
I read 30 minutes before I go to bed.

What my clients say

I promise 4 things

Why to choose me

Value for money
If you hire a design agency to build your website, they will need to pay for their office, staff and many other business expenses. As a freelancer, I do not have these expenses so I can ensure that you are only paying for the required task.
Client first approach
By getting the project scope enclosed prior to development, I give you a hassle free experience of working with me and every time you get in touch you will always be talking directly to me. I am friendly, accessible and I always go above and beyond.
Environmentally responsible
Hosting servers are UK based and powered by renewable energy and I buy and plant a pine tree in Caledonian Forest, UK with every new client I engage.