How to Become an Eco-Friendly Web Designer/Developer

Steps involved in becoming an Eco-Friendly Web Design

Irrespective of whether you are concerned about our environment or not, the resources in our planet are limited. Also, with the number of people consuming the resources increasing day by day, it is our duty that we try our best to reduce the usage of fuel and use it judiciously. This article WILL NOT speak in lengths about how to be eco-friendly web professional and go green etc. But, as Web professionals, it is our duty to do our bit in reducing the carbon footprint as much as we can.

Promote the usage of Handheld Devices

Predominantly, most of the users these days use the internet to carry out low resource tasks, which can be handled by mobile devices. By optimizing the content for handheld devices, you can make your site reach out to more people and it caters to the ever-growing demand. It results in significant energy savings as these devices have smaller screen sizes and result in lower energy consumption, making them highly efficient.

Hence, we recommend you to make your site mobile friendly as people would prefer accessing your website from mobile. You can further enhance the experience for mobile users by reducing the heavy content on your website such as images, scrolling, and heavy scripts such as Flash etc. so that they can run smoothly even in lower bandwidth connections. It will be hassle free experience for users and the power consumption will reduce as the processing required will be less.

Faster results translate to lower energy consumption

If your website is simple and has a proper structure, people will find it easy to navigate and it saves both time and resources. Wait time for people will reduce and as the processing required reduces, it also saves the electricity required and the total amount of time a person would use his handheld device will reduce as the results are obtained faster, thereby reducing the average power consumption of a web user.

It is our duty as designers to design fast and responsive web pages so that page loads are faster and they put the machine to shut down or hibernate the moment they are done with their work.  Also, if the wait time is less, there is a high chance that visitors appreciate your website and come back again. This will also improve your website traffic while lowering the electricity bills of users.

Select a host that is eco-friendly

It is a brilliant idea to stick to a green host. However, what defines “green” is different and you should know about the ones that are actually eco-friendly.  Usually, the price for both normal hosts and green hosts do not vary much and sticking to these hosts will not cost a hole in your pocket. So, you can do your bit by sticking to such hosts.

Although it might seem insignificant, these small tweaks go a long way and visitors will also be contended that they are being eco-friendly by visiting your website.

Eliminate the need of Useless Resources

We, as professionals, have the power to change the way people perceive things and can be the change that we want to implement. You can direct your users towards making decisions that are more eco-friendly and small steps you take can result in significant savings in energy.

Steps to conserve energy while working

Work From Home

By working from home, you will be saving a lot of energy as you do not burn fuel during travel and also save up on electricity as there is no heating or cooling required in two buildings.

Mode of Commute

It is a great idea to stick to public transport, walk or ride a bike to work as you would not be burning much fuel in such cases.

While at work

Ensure that you turn off the computers and lights around you when they are not in use. While going for lunch, make it a point to turn off your monitor.

Make use of eco-friendly or energy savings lighting at work which consumes lesser energy.

Take an initiative and start a recycling program at work so that your colleagues can hand over their recyclable things to you rather than disposing it incorrectly.


Do you have any more ideas on how to be a “greener” web professional?


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