Online Marketing

Tell your brand's story online

Social Media

You know how important social media is, but you don’t know where to start. I can develop a comprehensive social media strategy, manage your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest page, and get your fans buzzing about your business. I will review your business and provide you with a comprehensive action plan detailing what steps you need to take to improve your social media presence and to help you generate fresh content.

  • Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media page design
  • Integrating social media feeds with your website
  • Promoting products and services
  • Customer service

Search Engine Optimization

Over 75% of website traffic comes from search engines. Over 94% of people never look past the 1st page of Google search results.  I will review your website and provide you with a  written action plan detailing what steps you need to take to improve your website rankings for your desired keyword phrases. I believe that SEO should be started during the web development process.

  • Keyword selection and research
  • On page optimization (content authority and quality)
  • Off-page optimization (in-bounds link)

“Even small local businesses can use online marketing to get in front of the right people.”

Why choose me?

Value for money
If you hire a design agency to build your website, they will need to pay for their office, staff and many other business expenses. As a freelancer, I do not have these expenses so I can ensure that you are only paying for the required task.
Client first approach
By getting the project scope enclosed prior to development, I give you a hassle free experience of working with me and every time you get in touch you will always be talking directly to me. I am friendly, accessible and I always go above and beyond.
Environmentally responsible
Hosting servers are UK based and powered by renewable energy and I buy and plant a pine tree in Caledonian Forest, UK with every new client I engage.

Still unsure?